NHC Foods Ltd’s Customer Relationship

NHC FOODS LTD believes in business relationships and strives to make its customers competitive in their respective markets. With a sound experience in this industry, technical sophistication, expanded capacity, well-developed R&D, superior technology, innovation in product development and technology-aided logistics management gives NHC FOODS LTD a competitive edge over other spice suppliers from India and abroad and thus price advantages drawn out of these positive aspects are directly passed on to our customers.

We work with the motto of adding value to our customers, and ensure that we supply quality products to our customer, at best prices, delivered on-time. NHC FOODS LTD is a class apart when it comes to customer service. We bring value to our customers through benefits and unmatched world class customer service.

Price Risk Management – NHC FOODS LTD offers a unique yearly price cover for customers who opt for it. Here NHC FOODS LTD provides the same best price the whole year irrespective of the market prices.

Globally sourced raw materials – Ensures all time availability of raw materials, wide range of products and the best prices the benefit of which is passed on to the customer, making them competitive in their markets.
India’s largest Contract cultivation – We take pride in working with our farmers by empowering their lives by improved agricultural practices and education. This for us ensures a pesticide free quality product, thus making it a symbiotic relationship.
Monthly Market Reports – Starting from routine support activities to personalized exclusive monthly market reports, which give you the latest trends in the global spice market.

Minimal Lead Times – We understand the complexities of food trade and maintain a minimal lead time.

Dedicated processing lines – Gives wider range on granulation and other specifications, consistent quality and traceability.
Personalized account management – Offers you 24/7 customer support – all your queries will be answered in 24 hours and your account manager is accessible any time.

Needless to say along with the above services NHC FOODS LTD assures quality authentic products at the most competitive rates along with a corporate relationship which is based on ethics and integrity, we always look forward to a long term mutually beneficial association.

As said “Having a supplier with the most advanced plant and technical know-how is good. Having a supplier at the origin of spices is very good. Having both is excellent”

We offer our customers the Triple Advantage of Origin Based Processing, Futuristic Technology and Global Sourcing.

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