Insight of NHC Foods Ltd

NHC FOODS LTD was found with the objective of supplying authentic and fine quality ground spices & blends to global markets. NHC FOODS LTD is one of India’s largest manufacturers of spices and well known suppliers in our Indian market since 1960.

NHC FOODS LTD has a competitive edge built on its knowledge base in farming, procurement, logistics, and the financial and commodity markets.

PRODUCTION UNITS – NHC FOODS LTD’s processing operations are divided between 2 ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management Systems plants based in Gujarat India (Pardi) spread across 4 acres of land

& West India (Navi  Mumbai) with a combined production capacity of 9000 metric tonnes of ground spices and spice mixtures per annum.

Both our units are well equipped and operates a fully integrated, automated, stainless steel processing line incorporating state of the art milling, sterilizing, and packing equipment.

QUALITY – Our strong networks and tie ups with Government recognized fully equipped quality control laboratory capable to test physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters enables us to provide quality & genuine product as per our clients requirements. Our Gujarat plant boasts about our fully equipped in house Laboratory to perform all the basic tests before the material undergoes processing treatment, this helps us to identify good quality raw material and thus deliver pure and authentic finished goods every time.

NETWORK – We have a network of procurement agents who are feeding the information of price and quantities available in the respective markets. On the basis of price sensitivity analysis and stock movement study, we are procuring large quantities of quality products from different commodity markets spread all over the country.

PROFESSIONAL MANPOWER – NHC FOODS LTD ensures its smooth transaction with its admin office based in MUMBAI operated by a young team of qualified competent local talent complemented by a team of experienced personnel’s at NHC FOODS LTD plants with several years of combined experience in processing and quality control of spices. Our team based on experience has gained expertise to handle unforeseen contingencies.

FINANCIAL STRENGTH – We have a proud history of financial stability. The company is financially strong to procure quantities for order on hand without any credit from suppliers. We enjoy high credit rating with our bankers to avail all banking facilities.

STOCK CAPACITY – We are carrying stocks of 2 months turnover throughout the year. In respect of seasonal products, stock level has to be sufficient to abide by our commitment to make supplies in off-season also.


  • Our Employees
  • Our loyal customers
  • Longstanding market analysis and study
  • Strong resources
  • Quality service
  • Standardization & gradation of products as per international standards
  • International business standard ethics

Our employees are our greatest strength. Our employee action plan consists of :-

  • Recruiting and selecting employees whose education, skills and work philosophies match the organization’s needs.
  • Implementing performance management programs that effectively motivate and provide rewards for results.
  • Managing programs that facilitate employee involvement and team problem-solving processes.

At NHC FOODS LTD, we create an environment where the workers feel valued and good about coming to work. By this, we hope to deliver a level of service that will build true customer loyalty. We believe that “the road to real customer satisfaction begins with sincerity and integrity, followed by hard work and dedication.”

We quarantine you excellent products – products the world is proud of. NHC FOODS LTD offers you a wide range of pure & authentic processed spices, Spice Mixtures, Curry Powders, Masala’s available in its own brand named “SAAZ” – “Indi Bite” to help enhance your culinary efforts and save your time. A glance to our product list will guide you to make a choice.

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