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NHC FOODS LTD is a one stop shop for all ground & blend spices in the Indian Spice Range. At NHC FOODS LTD, you have a choice of having a product tailor made for your specification or to pick from our standard product list. Our dedicated R&D team gives you the comfort of a wide product range and consistent quality at the best prices. All our products come with a color and granulation guarantee, the most important requirements for ingredients in the Food Industry. NHC FOODS LTD’S range of Masala’s under its own brand “SAAZ” which are prepared by blending a number of pure spices (sometimes more than 30) like chilly, turmeric, coriander, pepper, cardamom, cumin, clove, etc in precise proportions imparts a distinct color, aroma, and taste to a dish. Our SAAZ Masala’s & Curry Powders are prepared especially from recipes passed down by generations thus giving you the same authentic and aromatic pure taste of Indian traditional delicacies. NHC FOODS LTD’S perfect blend of pure spices brings the regions closer by providing the authentic taste of other regional cuisines, in the convenience of a pack, at home. That’s why we think, NHC FOODS LTD brings India closer through taste. Choose from our wide range of spice list below as per your taste and need.


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