NHC Foods Ltd’s Social Responsibility & Commitment

    Belonging to a country enriched with values set by great human beings like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand and others, a country full of Traditions and culture, a country built on human values and ethics, and we being a proud part of this country, consider it our prime duty to help maintain this heritage of value, culture, ethics and humanity by ways of our social commitment.Charity begins at home believing in this proverb we share a section of our income with many social institutions like the orphanages old homes & blind schools in the country, the blessings that we all receive from their hearts are stupendously & unexplainable these small miracles makes our lives worth living and encourages us to strengthen our business by hard work, commitment, providing quality products and build customer relations worldwide.A small part of the profit that we earn from you is utilized for various social causes, initiatives and events for our human friends and our environment. With this practice we make an attempt to preserve our culture, human values and an attempt to make this world greener and a better place to live in. Thus in a way you will also be a part of this noble cause or a duty that we share as being a responsible citizen of this world.
    At NHC FOODS LTD we are committed to protecting the environment we operate in, balancing business interests while safeguarding our environment for future generations.NHC FOODS LTD FOODS is committed to protecting the environment and recognizing the relationship of our spice sourcing and processing operations to our local environments. We also realize that environmental impact must be decreased by the efficient use of energy, raw materials, water and packaging, and put it into practice in our operations. To name a few of our drives supporting our ECO Drives are:
    • Massive tree plantation program.
    • Rewarding and recognizing people who promote tree plantation.
    • Rain water harvesting and installation of tanks in Many villages.
    • Providing garbage bins to Panchayats,
    Apart from meeting our customer’s basic needs our products also meet the stringent pesticide and aflatoxin norms prescribed by the European Union, the U.S. and the ANZ region. In this process we have been successful in working with the farmers to develop better farming techniques that follow Good Agricultural Practices, and dramatically reduce the pesticides in the cultivation of crops. In addition, to higher returns and a better quality of life for farmers, we have made significant inroads in improving the surrounding environment through a massive reduction in the usage of chemical pesticides in cultivation of the crop, an overall reduction in toxicity in the breathing air in adopted villages due to drastic reduction in the pesticide spraying activities, and a substantial reduction in the post-harvest and storage wastages.
    AT NHC FOODS LTD, a commitment to our values means a commitment to the communities around us. We believe in giving back. We encourage our people to play an active role both through the company and personally in contributing to the society around us. NHC FOODS LTD includes Social Service driven programs within the company keeping the stake holders actively involved in such initiatives, this team works with underprivileged children, and is actively involved in rehabilitation and support of victims of natural disasters that affect our local neighborhood, such as the Tsunami of December 2004, Massive earthquake in Gujarat. We are constantly looking for ways to help our community develop along with our business.
    NHC FOODS LTD provides origin based spices and seasoning, with ingredients sourced directly from their growing regions. Our backward integration program, which started with few farmers, today has thrived into a movement impacting the lives of over 100 farming families spread over 1000 acres in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh Warangal. NHC FOODS LTD has been committed to improving the quality
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    An essential component of our corporate social responsibility is to care for the community. We endeavor to make a positive contribution to the underprivileged communities by supporting a wide range of socio-economic, educational and health initiatives. Many of the community projects and programs are driven by active participation from our employees & stake holders of NHC FOODS LTD. Our commitment to address important societal needs extends throughout our philanthropic outreach programs driven by the NHC FOODS LTD team.All our initiatives are incorporated with our Motto to improve, guide and inspire the lives of the underprivileged, the NHC FOODS LTD team facilitates programs and gives direct assistance and resources to individuals, families and other charitable organizations. Nurturing experiences and personal opportunities are also provided for those in the community who have little or no access to any assistance.

In case you wish to join any of our Social Service program or any suggestions or feedback, would be appreciated, please write to NHC FOODS LTD team to know more and to join us in making our society and community stronger and healthier.

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