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The roots of NHC Foods Limited go back to 1960 with the establishment of N. Himatlal & Co. The Company was founded by Himatlal Shah with the aim of promoting export of Indian spices and foodstuff. N. Himatlal & Co. grew to be a sizable company by its steady solid performance year after year built on its strong market goodwill which shows it has maintained a growth rate in earnings of 30% per annum-

In 1986 Apoorva Shah joined the family business after his graduation. He created a team of dynamic and competent persons with well recognized technical and or scientific background useful to company’s business activities and he merged N. Himatlal & Co. into his new venture and named it NHC Foods Limited.

The company with its vast infrastructure started navigating on a fast track using its excellent relationship and strong goodwill. Direct personal contacts developed over the years with well established prospective buyers through personal visits, smooth co-ordination between buyers and their agents not only helped continue excellent business friendship but also made it stronger and healthier by the day.