• Q. Can NHC FOODS LTD ship spices to me under my own label?
    A. Yes. As part of our private label business, we can pack for you under your label and offer a variety of packing options – See our packaging options.
  • Q. Does NHC FOODS LTD guarantees Sudan – red free spices and seasonings?
    A. Yes. NHC FOODS LTD certifies that all it products are Sudan I – IV free and Para Red free.
  • Q. Does NHC FOODS LTD ship only Indian ethnic seasonings and blends?
    A. No, we have the expertise to create any type of seasoning or blend you require. We can either match a target sample or create an entirely new flavor or blend based on your brief.
  • Q. Does NHC FOODS LTD ship only in bulk, or can I order spices for hotel and institutional use?
    A. We are happy to provide service to hotels and other food service institutions. We have a variety of packaging options including 1 kg poly packs, in addition to our bulk packing. We can provide basic spices & blended spices including garam masalas and curry powders in our brand NHC –“SAAZ”
  • Q. I need Organic spice – does NHC FOODS LTD have any capabilities to supply me with Organic spices?
    A. Yes. NHC FOODS LTD will soon be certified to provide steam-sterilized organic, processed spice products.
  • Q. If I have a problem with spices shipped to me, is there any way to trace the source of the problem.
    A. Yes. Every product you buy out of NHC FOODS LTD passes documented quality checks. When there is a problem, our system is powerful enough to have traceability all the way back to the farmer from whom the spice was purchased.
  • Q. Can I order bulk shipments of steam sterilized spices & blends from NHC FOODS LTD?
    A. Yes. NHC FOODS LTD has the capability to provide customers with not only steam sterilized spices, but seasonings and blends as well.
  • Q. Can I have my label put on NHC FOODS LTD’S products?
    A. Yes. We would be happy to put your label onto our packs. With our variety of packaging, labeling and product options.


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