Our Vision

Across the globe, NHC is committed to offer its premium products to its customers with food safety while making sure that all public health requirements are fulfilled. To accomplish this mission we have invested highly equipped infrastructure unit, facilitated with enhanced state of art technology in accordance with HACCP/ISO specification.

The highlights of our facilities are :

  • Infrastructure: The plant is spread over 4 acres of land in dust and moisture free atmosphere as with all modern amenities and declared a special business park.
  • Enhance Technology: Totally automated plant to produce uniform, hygienic, quality products controlled by computer systems with minimum interference of human touch. The state of art of technology shall take care of mass scale production.
  • Quality Evaluation: In house laboratory facility to carry out day to day quality evaluation.
  • Quality Manpower: Highly qualified technical staff to work under clean and safe work environment.
  • Logistics: Central location of plant ideal for smooth flow of the raw-material to or from any place in India and convenient to distribute the consignments across the globe.
  • Research & Development: Full-fledged department with specialized team to carry out innovations in the food sector.

We are truly a remarkable company, one with a history rich in service, innovation and continuing growth.

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